Managing Your Diabetes the Right Way

Diabetes is not a terminal disease; however, it is often the complications of the disease that lead to death. With proper management, people with diabetes can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life for many years to come. Everyone manages their diabetes differently. Some people use syringes and vials, others use pens and even insulin pumps. Some people can easily detect that their blood sugar is low without using the test kit while others never see it coming. Each person needs to adequately understand what their condition demands and how to make sure they stay healthy. This is why primary care doctor in Raleigh NC recommends a thorough walk through the details of the condition with a specialist to come up with an adequate management plan. They also recommend touching base with the doctor regularly just to make sure everything is in order. There are generally two main types of diabetes that affect most people. Type one diabetes is a form of insulin deficiency that may occur from birth or early childhood and Type two diabetes, which leads to ineffective resistance. The treatment plan for both conditions often depends on individual factors and severity. Type one diabetes is managed through insulin therapy, controlled nutrition, and regular exercise. Type two diabetes, which is more common today, is managed through weight reduction for people who are overweight or obese, a good diabetic diet and exercise. In case these measures do not work to manage the diabetes, medication is prescribed by the doctor. The most important thing about controlling the diabetes is keeping the blood glucose levels under control. The glucose level should always be maintained in the normal range to avoid low or high blood sugar at any time. Patients are encouraged to monitor the effects of medication on diet on blood glucose levels so they can adjust their eating and medication dosages accordingly. Make sure to regularly set an appointment with your Raleigh internal medicine expert to help manage your condition. Having a home blood glucose monitoring kit is a great way to check the blood glucose levels. These kits often use regent strips and glucose meters. A small prick to the finger to release a drop of blood is enough to test the blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients should also go through urine testing for ketones to avoid ketoacidosis, which is a complication of diabetes that can get quite serious. With proper medical management, appropriate monitoring and timely visits to the doctor, diabetes does not have to be complicated or terminal. Book an appointment with Triangle Doctor and let us guide you through effectively managing your diabetes.